Silvia Karamfilova Art "St Theodore Stratelates"


The idea for this cycle of paintings came about in 2019. It aims to arrive at my own interpretation of the images of personalities representing various cultures and/or symbolic ideas. So far, a few portraits have appeared: Warrior Saint, the Roman, the Female Ruler, the Satrap, Keepers of the Light, Poet and Trigger Woman. I trust, more will materialize in the near future.

Some of these existed, others did not. Yet others represent collective images. However, all hold a significant place in history. No matter how their images reappear in the light of the present, their essence and meaning, as, well as the myths and legends surrounding them, are still overshadowed by the darkness of the passing times. It is interesting to try to “call” some of them to “our” time and see what messages they carry, especially in the present turbulent times we find ourselves in.

This cycle goes back to using crystal elements, but in a much more elaborate way combining various sizes and colours, thus creating an ever more fairy-tale like appearance. In the paintings, you can observe intricate and detailed decorative elements which make part of the images to look as if they have been cast over by old lace, giving them an air of otherworldliness. Yet, their eyes are sharply focused towards us and our times…