Illusion of Serenity

  • Year 2020
  • Media Wooden panel, acrylic paint, golden and beige metallic gilding paste
  • Dimensions 47 х 53 сm
  • Availability This painting is available for purchase. Price on request. Please don't hesitate to contact me.
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I painted “ILLUSION OF SERENITY” during the first lockdown in France. Not surprisingly, this is the period in which I started depicting windows open to the outside world. Hence it is a part of the “Windows, Doors and Bridges” cycle.

The painting presents a window pane on which a bowl of pears has been placed. Around it are scattered cherries and pomegranate fruits. The image invokes a state of serenity, stillness and quietness. Each one of objects in it is symbolic in its own way. It was believed that pears represented immortality and prosperity because pear trees live for a long time. In China, the pear is regarded as a symbol of comfort, however, it is also seen as a symbol of separation. The symbol of the cherry exists in numerous countries and is usually connected to human happiness. On the other hand, the slightly wavy sea in front of the window suggests a different state – that of the premonition of anxiety. The serenity and quiet are opposed to the anticipation of the upcoming change, to the feeling that something will happen. This is an illusory state with the sentiment that whatever it is, it will pass quickly and things will return to their normal, familiar and comfortable motion. We should not forget that we live in a dualistic world and it is natural for us to experience day and night, good and bad, light and darkness, peace and war, calm weather and storms, etc. The illusion of the slightly wavering sea suggests that this state is liable to suddenly transform into a raging storm and instantly at that. The floating clouds attest to this process too.

This was at the beginning of the lockdown when information about what was ensuing was scarce. Perhaps that is why the meaning of the objects I have portrayed in the painting is so subtle and hard to grasp at first glance. Our lives seemed fairly well organized and orderly (apparently not for everyone), for some to the point of boredom, until we came at a head collision with the approaching new reality. We criticized a number of things …the lack of novel ideas that would facilitate change in our lives, as well as the absence of leaders to lead people towards new ideas. Were we prepared for what was coming?!… Hardly.

It is as if though we were unable to listen and see the warning signals that were being given to us about possible upcoming changes. Instead, most of us chose the routine, we opted for the comfortable path to go blindly about our future and take it as it comes. Was this a plan thought out a long time ago or was this the desire in each and every one of us for a more fundamental change leading to more JUSTICE in our life? I leave every one to answer this question on his or her own terms…